Microwave Asparagus


2 people




5 minutes



Prepare Asparagus

clean and wash the asparagus. Either bend them from where the woody part starts and snap quickly. 

Prepare Asparagus

or just cut them with a sharp knife.

Steam cook asparagus in the microwave

Take a microwave-safe bowl or glass container. Add 1 teaspoon water, cover the lid, and microwave it for 3-4 minutes. 3 minutes is good enough to get a soft and crisp texture,

Season & serve

Once cooking is over, add garlic powder, kosher salt, olive oil, and lime juice. At this time you can add onion powder or freshly ground black pepper or red chili flakes as well. Enjoy this microwave asparagus with olive oil as a salad or side dish.

microwave asparagus

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